Our Story
Troy Mason

It's a kind of a funny story how I came up with the idea for an elite prepaid card for the masses. Recently I received my very first Ultra Elite Credit Card and I'll never forget it because it didn't arrive in an envelope like a regular card, it arrived in a super nice box with a really cool rewards brochure and I though WOW I'm special! I remember how I had my chest all stuck out feeling like I'm the man now. Lol

Then it hit me... I wondered how many other people would love to have the same feeling but could not qualify for the card. So I went to YouTube and did a search for the American Express Black Card and I a saw video of a guy all happy taking his black card out of the box and the video had over 400,000 views! Are you kidding me? Over 400,000 people had watched a video of someone they didn't even know getting a credit card! That's crazy!

So then I did another search to check out the experiences of people who had Prepaid Cards and I saw totally different types of videos. Lol

People were all mad and upset because of the high fees they were being charged, I saw videos of news reporters doing stories on how people are getting ripped off by prepaid cards and I thought WHAT IF THERE WERE A CARD THAT HAD THE LOOK, FEEL, REWARDS AND SERVICE OF AN ULTRA ELITE CARD WITHOUT THE RIDICULOUS FEES OF A PREPAID CARD?

Bam!!! Light bulb moment!! I have them from time to time. Lol

Any way I did some research and of course nothing like this existed so I did what I have always done my entire life; I created it!

If you know anything about the products that I create you know that I always make sure to go way beyond the customer's expectations when it comes to quality and value and I couldn\'t be more proud of this product! I know you'll love receiving your first Ultra Elite Rewards Card as much I loved when I got mine!