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How It Works
Our business model is designed to help you to succeed in your efforts to become a successful Affiliate while at the same time ensuring that you gain real customers so that our company can remain in compliance within the MLM industry.
Unlike most MLM companies we have products that were first successful outside of MLM! We feel that our products can flourish in an MLM environment.
From the moment you join you will have 8 websites and a total of 6 great products that will be used to generate your income.
We know that chances are you're terrible at sells! Lol No offense meant, but because we know this we have created a built in automated marketing system to do the majority of the sells for you.
The system we created for our Affiliates can be seen at
All you have to do is use the survey website and Survey cards to get a minimum of 10 people to take our quick little survey.
Each question in our survey let's our system know which product to market to your prospects.
If they use prepaid cards the chances are great that they will become a card holder as a customer or an Affiliate of our great MasterCard.
If your prospect has a pet I can pretty much guarantee you that they will purchase one of our ZPetTags for the safety of their pet.
If your prospect has a child or grandchild in elementary school sooner or later they will end up purchasing a set of ZScholar Life Lessons to instill the values they want for their kids.
If your prospect is taking multiple medications our ZLicense medical sleeve is a must have product that will bring them tremendous peace of mind when dealing with their kids.
The point is that we spent 3 years developing some of the greatest niche products and along with a 100% automated market system neither of us can fail.
It is the utmost importance for us to do this RIGHT as a company! No short cuts and no funny business! If we simply bring real value to people for a fair price we all will easily be able to reach all of our financial goals! It really is just that simple.
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