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ZTEGRITY has put in place, Policies & Procedures that are designed to help Business Owners conduct compliant business operations. It has come to the attention of ZTEGRITY's Compliance Department that some Business Owners may be violating ZTEGRITY's Policies & Procedures, where marketing and selling products and/or publishing content, assets, and collateral are concerned.
ZTEGRITY recognizes that this matter may simply be an oversight and not a direct effort to circumvent its Policies and Procedures. Nonetheless, any violations must be corrected to prevent adverse action from ZTEGRITY Corporate, which may include suspension or termination of aBusiness Owner's account, with any commissions forthcoming withheld. It is imperative that Business Owners familiarize themselves with corporate guidelines to remain compliant in their course of business.
Business and marketing/advertising violations include the following:
Using a non-Corporate website to sell ZTEGRITY products
ZTEGRITY provides each Business Owner with a corporate authorized replicated website to market and sell its products to retail consumers.
When selling online, Business Owners may not use any website other than their ZTEGRITY replicated website to sell product. You may, however, have a link back to your corporate website, but you may not directly sell product (conduct an online transaction) from your own personal, business or third party website, that is not a ZTEGRITY authorized replicated website.
Selling person-to-person, offline, is traditionally accepted and permitted.
Business Owners SHALL NOT sell ZTEGRITY™ products via live, silent, Internet or any other type of auctions (such as Craig's List or eBay) even if offered at the Business Owner suggested retail price.
Additionally, ZTEGRITY™ products SHALL NOT be sold on mass e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. This is strictly prohibited.
Unapproved or incorrect use of the ZTEGRITY logo
Use only the logo(s) provided in the back office.
Any unauthorized use of ZTEGRITY logos is strictly prohibited.
Failure to clearly identify yourself as a ZTEGRITY Independent Business Owner
In the course of conducting business, marketing or selling ZTEGRITY's products or recruiting prospective Business Owners, you MUST always clearly identify yourself as a ZTEGRITY Independent Business Owner. This includes any business card, website, email correspondence, social media page, etc. in which you are marketing, selling or recruiting on behalf of yourself as a ZTEGRITY Independent Business Owner
Example of Correct use of identifying yourself (on social media)
YOUR NAME - ZTEGRITY Independent Business Owner
Example of Incorrect use of identifying yourself (on social media)
Auto Rewards Card - ZTEGRITY
Unapproved or incorrect use of the name ZTEGRITY (and any of its derivatives) and any ZTEGRITY Product Brand Name in a URL, email address, or username (social media account included)
You SHALL NOT use the name ZTEGRITY, Z CARD, ZTEGRITY BLACKCARD, or any of ZTEGRITY's product names or any derivative or future name in your email address, website address, username, company name, LLC, Facebook or other social media pages. This gives the indication that you are ZTEGRITY or represent corporate. Business Owners must identify themselves by name and as a ZTEGRITY Independent Business Owner. This includes all marketing channels.
Non-exhaustive examples of this violation include:
Social Media account name -
Z BlackCard - ZTEGRITY
Auto Rewards Card -ZTEGRITY
Unapproved use of copyrighted material
You may not use any material that is copyrighted, nor expressly disclosed as permitted for your use. This includes any videos, training materials, assets and/or collateral that is not permitted to be republished without prior written consent of corporate.
Unapproved use of the ZTEGRITY name and brand.
You may not use the ZTEGRITY name or brand in any manner that is inconsistent with corporate objectives or permitted usage.
Business Owners shall not produce or reproduce ZTEGRITY produced audio or video taped materials detailing the ZTEGRITY opportunity or products. This is strictly the purview of corporate.
You may share any social media post ZTEGRITY publishes for general public view. However, you may not copy or alter the asset.
Do not download or disseminate assets designated or marked as not to be copied, shared or distributed.
Any presentation of the corporate opportunity or its products must be with corporate produced materials exclusively.
The above are the most common possible violations, and not an exhaustive list. Being in compliance is very simple - always identify yourself as an Independent Business Owner and NEVER publicize a claim of earnings, profits or number of affiliates recruited. If you are in violation of any compliance issue, ZTEGRITY will grant a period of no more than seven (7) days from notification in which aBusiness Owner must confirm that the matter has been corrected or rectified. Do so in writing ONLY and direct it to:
Failure to respond in the manner and time period indicated will compel ZTEGRITY to further review the violation and take appropriate action, which may include suspension or possible termination of the Business Owner's ZTEGRITY position, with any commissions due withheld. It is our hope that such action will not be necessary.
Keep in mind; Policies & Procedures are put in place for your protection, as well as for Corporate's. If you have concerns about being compliant or come across anyone suspected of violating these terms, please reach out to:
We trust Business Owners will abide by the guidelines set forth and be good stewards of the Company, its brand and products. Our future as a company is brighter than ever, and we want you to remain a part of the ZTEGRITY family as we expand globally. We appreciate you taking the time to build your ZTEGRITY business within the framework we have established and look forward to supporting you any way we can.
To your success,
Troy Mason, President, ZTEGRITY