13997 Card Holders
Our Simple Plan
This may very well be the most important five steps in your life!
Step 1.
To get started you must first order our game changing ZBlackCard. It's the world's first ultra elite rewards debit card designed to generate wealth for the card owners instead of the banks. You can become a card owner with us for as little as $99.95. As a card owner with us we'll pay you a $50 commission on each person you refer that purchases a card.
Step 2.
When ordering your card you'll have 3 optional upgrades to choose from.
Option 1.
Our $20 per month Silver membership upgrade keeps you active, allows you access to our amazing discount program plus it qualifies you to start earning a $1 per month residual income on the 3 X 10 Forced Matrix monthly payments of 80,000 or more card holders as we grow.
Option 2.
Our $70 per month Platinum membership upgrade keeps you active, allows you access to our amazing discounts, pays you $1 per month in residual income on potentially thousands of card holders as we grow, you'll also be qualified to participate in our money multiplying Forex Savings Club and most importantly you'll qualify for a 100% Matching Bonus on the Matrix income of each card holder you refer.
Option 3.
Our $300 per year Elite upgrade is a very powerful upgrade for builders. This upgrade allows you to continue earning a 100% Matching Bonus on the INACTIVE people you refer, it also will allow you to earn the 3 x 10 forced matrix money they lose because they were inactive. This is unlike anything you have ever seen in Network Marketing, Normally when a person you sponsor quits you end up losing a big chunk of your income. Because our owner is not from MLM he felt that we should not have our incomes at risk because someone quit. This is revolutionary in the industry.
Step 3.
If you have great people skills and desire to earn $400 per referral join our $1,400 Leadership Program by sending money by Zelle (mrtroymason@yahoo.com), Cash App# ($troysmason), PayPal (troy@ztegrity.com) or you can use the financing we set up for you to become a Leader.
Once you are approved for our Leadership Program we'll send you a 10.1 inch Presentation Tablet hard coded with everything you need to do professional presentations both ONLINE AND OFFLINE, We'll send you a beautiful Leadership Ring, provide you with 2 tickets to our Leadership Conference and we'll even add $100 to your ZBlackCard as an added bonus to welcome you to our Leadership Program!
Step 4.
As a Leader with us we'll pay you a Leadership Commission of $400 for each approved person you refer to our Leadership Program and we'll also pay you a Leadership Bonus of $100 for each approved person referred to the Leadership Program by the people you sponsored.
Step 5.
  • Refer 3 Approved Leaders in 30 days and we'll increase your total Leadership commission from $1,200 to $1,400 so you can pay off your loan financing.
  • Refer 10 Approved Leaders in 30 days and we'll increase your total Leadership commission from $4,000 to $5,000.
  • Refer 20 Approved Leaders in 30 days and we'll increase your total Leadership commission from $8,000 to $10,000.
Step 6.
As a Leader with us you will be able to setup FREE Partnerships with Retailers like Graphic Artists. Each time the Artist sells a card they earn $25 and as the Leader who set them up for FREE you earn $50. As long as you are a $70 active Leader both of you will be qualified to earn Profit Sharing and you earn a 100% Matching Bonus ontheir Profit Sharing Income. This is a WIN-WIN situation. If you are not a Leader simply have the Artist join as am Affiliate and you will earn a $25 Override on their sales.
As a Leader you run an ad or place a post on social media that reads:
"I'm looking for Graphic Designers for possible collaboration on a project in the near future.
Are there any here?"
This post does extremely well, give it a test run!
So here are the numbers:
If an Artist designs 10 logos that their customers want to have on a custom MasterCard you would earn $500 for the week. If you had 10 Grapic Artist helping their customers to get metal MasterCards with their logo on it you would be earning $5,000 per week. That's $20,000 a month, $240,000 a year with only 10 Artist! Also this example does not include the residual income you would be earning each month!
What if you're declined for financing?
If you are not approved for financing or you get approved for less than $1,400 in financing... no worries because you can earn your way into our Leadership Program with the commissions you earn through your sales. Once you have generated the amount of sales needed to cover the $1,400 cost we will pay your sponsor their $400 commission and pay your sponsor's sponsor their $100 Override just as if you were approved on day one!
Then you will continue to earn $400 for each person you refer for life.
This is a WIN - WIN situation that allows us to help millions of people to become financially FREE no matter their current situation!
Even if you don't get approved for financing we will still send you your presentation tablet, ring and tickets when you refer your first approved Leader!
In closing, our ZBlackCard marketing program is not MLM or network marketing! It's a 2 tier Direct Sales business model. $50 for each card holder you refer and $400 for each card holder Leader you refer plus we also pay you a $100 override on each card holder leader referred by someone you referred and we add a $100 Bonus to your card. That's it!
As far as MLM is concerned our optional monthly residual income program is MLM and the MLM monthly program is not needed if all you wish to do is become a card holder with us. Again our monthly plans are completely optional for those who wish to access the wonderful benefits they provide.